John Chamberlain's Articles:

Modeling Causal Relationships in Sociocultural Systems Using Ensemble Methods.
Amy Sliva, Scott Neal Reilly, David Blumstein, Steve Hookway, and John Chamberlain.
In Advances in Cross-Cultural Decision Making, pp. 43-56. Springer International Publishing, 2017.

Validating Causal and Predictive Claims in Sociocultural Models.
Sliva, A., Reilly, S.N., Chamberlain, J. and Casstevens, R.
Modeling Sociocultural Influences on Decision Making: Understanding Conflict, Enabling Stability. (2016) p. 315.

Tools for validating causal and predictive claims in social science models.
Sliva, Amy, Scott Neal Reilly, Randy Casstevens, and John Chamberlain. Procedia Manufacturing 3 (2015): 3925-3932.

Malware analysis and attribution using genetic information.
Pfeffer, A., Call, C., Chamberlain, J., Kellogg, L., Ouellette, J., Patten, T., Zacharias, G., Lakhotia, A., Golconda, S., Bay, J. and Hall, R.
Malicious and Unwanted Software (MALWARE), 2012 7th International Conference on (pp. 39-45). IEEE October 2012.

Using Color Technology in Java - Java Devloper's Journal, February 2004
Briefly explains the basics of color management, using color in Java programs and the HSB system. Includes source code for a color picker.
Source code for color picker (corrected 2/16/2004)

Creating a Custom Launcher - Java Devloper's Journal, September 2002
Shows how to write a Java custom launcher. Specifics on making launchers for all the major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, UNIX) are covered.

Master J2ME for live data delivery - JavaWorld, June 2002 (FEATURED ARTICLE)
Learn how to architect and implement a J2ME framework.

Implementing a J2EE-Aware Application Console Using Swing - JavaWorld, November 2001 (COVER FEATURE)
Use the Java Messaging System (JMS) to query and control your enterprise application from a Swing console.

Microsoft's VB Virtual Machine Implementation - Visual Basic Online Magazine, March 2001
Describes the internals of the VB VM and provides a utility that extracts and disassembles the VB bytecodes.
VB VM updates and resources includes opcode database.

Take Control of the Compile Process - Visual Basic Programmer's Journal, November 1999 (COVER FEATURE)
If you program in VB you can't miss this important article which explains how the compiler works and how to intercept it for total control over your binary. How to view and modify the assembly language source for your VB program.
Compile Controller notes and updates.

Calling VB Internals - Visual Systems Journal, April 1999
This article shows how to use a type library to call functions in the VB virtual machine.
Download type library and sample project.

DirectX from VB! - Visual Systems Journal, June 1999
How to use a type library to do DirectX from VB.