John Chamberlain
Personal Information
John Chamberlain is a software developer, writer and consultant in the Boston area. John has written for industry journals such as Java World and Java Developer's Journal, and spoken at JavaOne and other conferences. His areas of expertise include J2ME, JNI, Swing and scientific/numeric computing. judge.

Has worked for many top companies such as Fidelity, Cabot Corporation, State Street Bank and Trust, and Gillette.

Currently he works for developing a large-scale, scientific Swing application, the OPeNDAP Data Connector. OPeNDAP is a data transfer protocol widely used in earth science. NOAA, NASA and the USGS publish terabytes of data using this protocol which can be accessed using the data connector.

Involved in J2ME development, and is the author of several programs published by Castle Cross Software.

Expert chess player and weekly lecturer at the MetroWest Chess Club, one of the largest chess clubs in the world. He is also an accomplished go player.
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