John Chamberlain
Developer Diary
 Developer Diary · You Heard It Here First · 13 November 2003
OPeNDAP Data Connector 2.23 Released
Scientists everywhere rejoice! Today a new, vastly more powerful OPeNDAP Data Connector is released. This tool allows you to search for a wide array of earth science data published via OPeNDAP servers located around the world. It can also be used to sub-sample (query/slice) the data, download it and plot. The plot types supported are pseudo-color, vector and line/XY. It also has a flexible histogram graphing and reporting capability. A neat feature of the program is that you can easily preview large directories of data using its thumbnail plotter.

If you have data you would like to serve publicly consider setting up an OPeNDAP server. This well-established technology is used by organizations like NASA, NOAA, and many major universities to publish their terabytes of earth science data and make it easily accessible to the world.

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