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 Developer Diary · You Heard It Here First · Tuesday 2 March 2004
200 Attacks a Day
After installing Zone Alarm the other day I have tallied up the results of the log and it looks like my PC is getting attacked about 200 times a day. The attackers are located all around the world but the majority are in far east Asia. The most popular kinds of attacks appear to default ports used by remote administration software. I guess the idea is that some people install remote administration software on their computer and fail to change the default port and password. The second most popular kind of attack is a simple port 0 probe to determine what operating system I am running. Other common attacks are to the SQL Server port in the unlikely event I am running an unpatched copy of that software and to ports created as back doors by various virus software like MyDoom. Now there's a real penalty for being dumb enough to get infected by MyDoom. Not only do you get to become a MyDoom spam zombie, but to top it off some other virus gets to piggy back in on the back door and wreak more havoc.

Well, it's great to popular. Unfortunately all of these visitors have to go away empty-handed. My only question is if they are coming to visit my house should I consider it fair game to visit theirs? Now that might be fun...

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