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Java Books, Journals, and Online Guides
 Technical Journals and Magazines
JavaWorld - online technical journal
Java Developer's Journal - technical journal
Java Report - technical journal
Java Skyline - magazine for Java server developers
Java Pro - technical journal
Web Developer's Journal - online journal targeted at web masters
 Book Recommendations
 Getting Started 
JBuilder Quick Start - [Borland] this small booklet is hands down the best introduction to Java; unbelievably well-designed
Java Language Reference [O'Reilly] - probably the best simple reference; a real necessity for beginners
Using Java 1.2 [Que] - clear and penetrating treatments of many key topics; this is a book that will grow with you
 Fundamental Books for Every Java Library 
The Java Programming Languare, 3rd Edition [Sun] - a thorough introduction to the language by its designers
The Java Class Libraries [Sun] - an absolute must for all Java programmers
Java Network Programming [by Merlin Hughes et al] - deep and expert treatment of this important subject
Java I/O [O'Reilly] - best coverage of working with files and streams
Java Pitfalls [Wiley] - this trouble-shooting guide contains many useful tips you will find nowhere else
Thinking in Java [online/Prentice-Hall] - a little scatter-brained but otherwise an excellent resource for learning the gestalt of Java
Java by Example [Sun] - authors really know java; the code examples are much higher quality than in most books
Java Enterprise in a Nutshell [O'Reilly] - good overall coverage of servlets, beans, RMI, JDBC and other stuff you need to know
 Books on Advanced and Specialized Topics 
The Java Language Specification [Sun] - once you get to a certain skill level you will need to refer to this obtuse book
Graphic Java: Mastering the JFC [Sun] - there are no excellent books on AWT/Swing, but this is the best of the available choices
Java Performance and Scalability by Dov Bulka [Addison-Wesley] - a lot of hard work and experience went into this short book
Inside the Java Virtual Machine by Bill Venners [McGraw-Hill] - a good resource for learning about the internals of Java
 Online Guides, Whitepapers and Manuals
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