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Java Developer Links
 JDKs, VMs and Compilers
Sun Standard JDKs (J2SE) - download from Sun
Sun all other JDKs - enterprise, micro, embedded, APIs
Blackdown Project - JDKs and tools for Linux
IBM JDKs - AS/400, OS/390, AIX, etc
HP JDKs - for HP-UX systems
SGI JDKs - for Silicon Graphics IRIX systems
 Specialized VMs 
JRockit - high-performance VM (bought out by BEA)
Kaffe - GPL, wide platform support, small footprint
Sun's K VM - embedded VM for Palm OS
Japhar - cleanroom LGPL VM
Jikes - the gold standard from IBM
JET - commercial native compiler for Windows
BulletTrain - commercial native compiler with emphasis on scalability
Jasmin - free assembler
Volano Report - JVM performance comparisons
Marco Schmidt - comprehensive JVM coverage and links
 Integrated Development Environments
JBuilder - the leading IDE Win/MacOS/Linux
Eclipse - up and coming, underwritten by IBM
WebSphere Studio - the cadillac of IDEs
Codewarrior - Java/C++ for Win/MacOS/Linux
Javelin - a survivor
SunONE Studio - Sun's IDE Netbeans etc (was Forte)
apps for phones - integrated J2ME IDE
InstallAnywhere - commercial installer
DeployDirector - commercial deployer for enterprise/intranet
SmartJ - a free generic Windows launcher
JExpress - commercial installer
Java Web Start - Sun's new one-click web installer
Executor - turns a jar into a win exe
InstallWiz - creates windows and linux installers
Marner Java Launcher - open source windows launcher
 Testing & Profiling 
OptimizeIt - commercial profiler
JProbe - strong for server-side analysis
JTest - works on Windows/Linux/Solaris
HeapRoots - heap analyzer from IBM Alphaworks
 Obfuscators & Shrinkers 
ProGuard - the best free obfuscator
Klassmaster - (un)obfuscator with class edit abilities
RetroGuard - free obfuscator
CodeShield - commercial obfuscator
JShrink - commercial shrinker
JAX - free shrinker from IBM alphaWorks
DJ - excellent visual interface to JAD with many features
Jad - free decompiler
ClassCracker - shareware decompiler
D-Java - Jasmin-compatible disassembler
 Byte Code Analysis & Instrumentation  
Jikes Bytecode Toolkit - from IBM Alphaworks
Byte Code Engineering Library - GPL class manipulation system
Soot - a byte code optimization framework
Bytecode Instrumentation Tool (BIT) - free instrumentation tool
JTrek - my mirror of a byte code analysis and instrumentation tool from Compaq
 Applet Development & Tools 
Usingit - commercial canned applet generators
 Servlet Runners 
JRun - leading commercial servlet runner
Tomcat - open source from the Jakarta Project at
 Application Servers 
WebLogic - the leading eCommerce app server
WebSphere - from IBM; the best all-around server
Sun ONE - used to be iPlanet app server
Enhydra - open source app server
JBoss - open source app server
Jetty - light-weight distributable app server
Orion - commercial app server
Java Developer Links Revised 18 November 2003