John Chamberlain
Visual Basic & VBA Code Samples
Includes VB and Excel/Access VBA These code samples and mini-apps are for VB and VBA environments such as Excel and Access. Note that "generic" VB code may or may not require modifications for use in a particular environment. The last line indicates file information: [platform: VBn (Visual Basic version) XL (Excel) MSA (MS Access) WB (Word Basic) GVB/xx (generic VB/native env)] [filename] [file size] [last update].

Feel free to download, modify and use these code samples, but please include all headers so that the original author is credited. Do not place this code in shareware/freeware collections or otherwise attempt to sell it.

Compile Controller Resources
The compile controller is a VB add-in that allows developers to hook the Visual Basic compiler and interrupt it. This allows you to insert custom object code modules into your exe. It also allows you to see assembly code listings for the modules in your project. [VB6] [FEB01]

Don't leave home without it. [GVB] [QuickSort.bas] [3kb] [21MAR99]

Dumps the contents of 1-3 dimensional arrays to the debug window. Extremely useful for debugging.[GVB/VB4] [Debug.bas] [4kb] [11JUL97]

WrapText and Other String Functions
WrapText is a generic solution to the problem of wrapping text in variable pitch fonts. It is extremely useful if you are writing any sort of text editing or presentation/reporting functionality. This module also includes various other string functions including Substitute.[GVB/VB4] [Debug.bas] [4kb] [11JUL97]

Combinatorial Algorithms
My contribution to the important, but neglected field of combinatorial algorithms. Combinatorics are vital to most searching and problem-solving programs. Includes a function to generate Pascal's triangle.[GVB] [Combinatorial.bas] [7kb] [21MAR99]

Name Utility (EXCEL)
Allows you to find and replace names (in Excel spreadsheet range variables are called "names") with full wildcard functionality. Extremely useful if you are doing serious work in Excel. This excellent little xla could benefit by an update which I will do if I get the demand for it.[XL4+] [NameUtil.xla] [43kb] [5AUG97]