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 Developer Diary · Archive
November 2003
November 11N-Gage Deathwatch
November 12Nokia's Push to Hype
November 13OPeNDAP Data Connector 2.23 Released
November 14The Mechanics of a Release
November 15Secrets of Creating Software: Productivity
November 16The Bright Future of Java
November 17Computer Science is Pivotal for Robotics
November 18Did You Hug Your Robot Today?
November 19Chess, Go and Artificial Intelligence
November 20The Dawn of a New Era for Scientific Data
November 21The Open-Source Inquisition
November 22The Multi-Gig Memory Potential Behind 64-bit Computing
November 23Palm versus PocketPC - the Final Analysis
November 24Secrets of Saveless Development
November 25BEEP, the Ultimate Protocol Tool
November 26Robotics Goes Mainstream
November 27Automated Storage Systems
November 28Whatever Happened to the Webapps?
November 29The Obsolescence of Tanks and Helicopters
November 30Home-Built Systems Coming Back
December 2003
December 1RFID Applications
December 2AI and the DARPA Grand Challenge
December 3Can AI Write Algorithms?
December 4Microsoft's Absurd FAT Patents
December 5Secrets of Creating Software: Feature Creep
December 6Tabbed GUIs
December 7Dread of Threads
December 8Bugs, the Unknown of Software Development
December 9Complex Problems Have Complex Solutions
December 10Bionics and Human Development
December 11The Browser Wars are on Again
December 12Electronic Documents
December 13Maya Drives Movie CGI
December 14Visualization Software Rundown
December 15Programming Paradigms Past and Future
December 1664-bit Computing Heats Up
December 17Is Dell Losing Its Touch?
December 18Educating the Mobile Applications Consumer
December 19The Future of Data Semantics
December 20GUIs Are Key To Semantics
December 21Bad Software is Better than No Software
December 22A Dwindling Rationale for High-End Servers
December 23The Three Bears of Software
December 24Software Construction Strategy
December 25Can Licensing Sustain Sun?
December 26Waiting for Web Services
December 27Angular Gantry Robotic Innovation
December 28Robotics Profits Elusive
December 29Bad Software Drives Hardware Losses
December 30Generic Laptops Coming?
December 31OpenOffice Leads Return to Low-Cost Software
January 2004
January 1OpenOffice Writer Shines
January 2Enabling Technologies
January 3Can the Java Desktop Compete with Windows?
January 4Eli Whitney and Standardization
January 5In Search of a Better Desktop
January 6Ridiculous Code Names
January 7Computer Stores Try Consumer Electronics
January 8The Top Web Sites
January 9Java Versus .NET
January 10Satellite Photos in the News
January 11Why Apache is Beating Microsoft IIS
January 12Database Technology Stuck in the 70s
January 13MMORPGs Go Personal
January 14Fuzzy Logic Behind Photoshop Anti-Counterfeiting
January 15Robotics Key to Mobile Phone Assembly
January 16I'm Feeling Lucky
January 1764-Bit Cranks Computing
January 18The Software Creator
January 19Hiring the Best
January 20Is ATT / Comcast Spying on Me?
January 21Mapping the Internet
January 22To Spy or Not to Spy
January 23Opt In Spying
January 24My Thousand-Member Team
January 25No Worms Here
January 26The Hunt for Nimdite
January 27Stealth Penguin
January 28Quest for the Silent Computer
January 29Java versus .NET: Runtime Deployment
January 30Do It Yourself
January 31Core Appeal or Mass Appeal
February 2004
February 1The Anti-Virus Scam
February 2Python Matures
February 3Has Moore's Law Ended?
February 4Shrinking Screen, Shrinking Revenue
February 5The Plot to Disappear the Cents Sign
February 6How to Stop Spam
February 7Java Classes Source Posted
February 8Microsoft and Disney Combine For Copy Protection
February 9JavaOne 2004 Takes Shape
February 10Are DOS Attacks a Modern Day Ostracism?
February 15Microsoft Sponsors Chess Prodigy
February 16Apple's Store Strategy Succeeds
February 17Taking Exception to Exceptions
February 18Intel's Very Fast Memory Architecture
February 19Principles of Programming: Separate Data from State
February 20Principles of Programming: Allocate Only as Much Space as Needed
February 21Ten Years of Hardware Evolution
February 22Are Chess Computers About to Overtake Humans?
February 23FPGAs Offer New Hardware Capabilities
February 24Ralph Nader's Evil Twin
February 25N-Gage Deathwatch, Part II
February 26Principles of Programming: Input Validation
February 27Principles of Programming: Make Precedence Explicit
February 28Forth Lives On
February 29PC BIOS, The Final Chapter
March 2004
March 1Principles of Programming: Pass by Reference
March 2200 Attacks a Day
March 3Sun's Java Home Site Goes Down
March 4RFID Currency Tagging
March 5The Broken Patent System
March 6Principles of Programming: Test for the Positive Case
March 7e-Postage
March 14DARPA Grand Challenge Reveals Machine Limitations
March 22Computers Killing Off Bookstores
March 23How Bad are Computers at Igo?
May 2004
May 21NASA Gets High Marks for Security
May 26Homebuilt PCs are Still No Cakewalk
January 2005
January 19Page Rank Wisdom
January 20Creating a Secret Message
January 22Tsunami Alerts Congress to Importance of Science
January 27The History of TQM
January 2018
January 15TPM Applied to Software Development
January 16The Wayback Machine Saves
January 17Starcraft, the Next Frontier in AI
January 18Cimplicity
January 28Tabs Versus Spaces
February 2019
February 9AlphaStar Chases the Singularity · bio · Revised 9 February 2019· Pure Content